Friday, March 9, 2012

Am I doing better this time?

I got radio silence on that last post, except for three of my most loyal commenters, Duchesse, Debbie, and Bec, who are quickly turning the comments section into social hour.  Ladies, comments sections are not for fun-having, gossiping, or bonding.  They're for MJ idolatry, of which there wasn't much last time, so... carry on with whatever you three are doing in there, I guess.

(They can't all be winners, folks.)

I dropped Coco off at her preschool the other day.  One of the other mothers told me that when her young son overheard her talking about Coco at their home, he looked up at her and said, "Coco?  What a delicious name!"

Coco's delicious, all right.  She's also still refusing to talk.  Or, more accurately, she thinks she's talking, but we can only stare at her with our heads cocked to the side, like, "What that German?"

What is it with these kids of mine, who have both refused to do anything the way they were supposed to, in the timeframe in which they were supposed to do it?  And while I'm asking rhetorical questions, is it a good thing when someone asks you, "Awww, did she dress herself today?" but you dressed her?

 All me

While I'm talking about the kids, I want to mention Lucien and his happiness.  Many people don't understand why I'm not depressed as hell to be done with Paris, but our boy is a huge reason.  Our Paris school was not a good fit for the loud Looshman.  What used to be a tight-lipped, sullen kid after school, a boy who used to regularly say things like, "I'm the bad kid," has turned into a smiling, happy kid who tells me about his day when he gets off the bus.  And now he says things like, "I'm not the bad kid anymore!  Jason is!" 

I recently met with his teacher to discuss his progress in the classroom.  He's behind the other kids in reading and math because they hadn't done that stuff yet in his Paris school.  His teacher says Lucien is learning quickly, but will catch up even faster if he "stops trying to entertain the class like a pint-sized Robin Williams all the time."

They have "self-manager" badges in Lucien's kindergarten class.  The kids who have their badges enjoy greater freedoms in the classroom and on the playground. The kids who lose their badges pretty much have to follow the teacher around like ducklings and ask permission to breathe.

We have fingers crossed that Lucien, just once, will hang onto his badge all week.  He's come pretty close a couple times -- one week he made it all the way to Friday morning.  We were fattening the calf and preparing the celebratory feast when he lost it in the eleventh hour -- to kung fu with Finn during story time. 

Every day when Lucien gets off the bus, I ask, "Hey, buddy, still got your badge?"  Many times I've received the reply, "Nope, I lost that thing in like five minutes."

I went out to dinner with Cavanaugh again last night, this time to Terra Plata on Capitol Hill.  I'm going to continue going out to eat with Cavanaugh because he really knows his food, and makes me try stuff I don't want to eat, such as crispy fried Brussels sprouts with maple and rosemary.  I hate Brussels sprouts but I'll be damned if Cavanaugh wasn't right again -- they were nasty veggie divine.

Cavanaugh takes pictures of all his food.  Downright embarrassing.

When friends know you have a blog, sometimes they get demanding.  Cavanaugh said something witty at dinner, then pointed his pointy finger at me and said, "write that down."  I said, "Oh no, Cavanaugh... you're not becoming one of those 'write that down' friends, are you?"  And he said, "Yes, I am, and you can quote me on that."

I got my hair cut over the weekend and it made me wonder why they offer you something to drink at salons.  You're only able to sip coffee for two seconds before they put the cape thing around your neck.  Then your arms are under the cape, so to take a drink you must first ask permission, then free your arms from underneath, which dusts up all the hair, which puts hair in your coffee, which is cold by then anyway. 

Every single time I've accepted a cup of salon coffee, I've initially thought, "mmm, sounds delicious," but that quickly turned to "this is ridiculous, I really didn't need anything to drink right now."  I'll never go down that dark path again.

So long, posse, hope this post was more agreeable to you.  If not, there's no hope, because I really did my best,

*Breaking News!  Tara has since commented on my last post, too.  Sure, it was just to join in on the social hour, but I'll take it.*


  1. Bonsoir MJ-- Well, I do not think you did poorly last time. My blogroll just did not show me your story. Maybe other people had the same problem too? ;-) I love to hear that Lucien is enjoying his new school. It's never easy changing schools AND countries in the middle of the school year, and he has adjusted like a champ! Funny you should mention the coffee dilemma at the salon. I was in the same boat just this morning [I always seem to book my appointments when it is pouring down outside, go figure...] Anyhow-- She did offer me some coffee, which I promptly accepted, but - bien sûr - found myself trapped under the hideous black gown. I asked for permission, but she kept saying: "Don't move!" so I just stared at the coffee getting cold on the shelf in front of me for at least 15 minutes. Depressing, but not as depressing as the rain. Hope your weekend goes well. Stay dry!! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. Hi Veronique,

      Looks like I successfully badgered people into leaving comments. Sorry, everyone.

      But Veronique, hi! I've been surprised at how easily Lucien has adjusted to being back here -- but our problem now is he's refusing to speak French, and it's become a bit of a power struggle. We've got to get him in French soon, or all hope is lost.

      No more salon coffee!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Coco's got the silent Parisian thing down pat, and the outfit matches, so obviously she's just biding her time.

    Am glad the Loosh now has Jason to cover for him and sorry about the badges. We moved schools for the same reason, though people don't tend to laugh with you so much when it's a spirited "girl" child.

    Have been reading through the Paris archives cause I was sad about living in bright, sunny, warm, Queensland and then you reminded me of washing machines so now I'm drinking a beer on the balcony and giving Paris the finger. Or not.

    I want to try the mutant brussel sprouts too.

    ^Freaky fangirl enough for you? =p

    1. Yo Jenn! Fellow Aussie, holla!

      Look away MJ, no bonding going on here.

    2. Tonight, on a very special episode of MJ Idol...

      My kids have never done anything they were supposed to do in the timeframe they were supposed to do it, so I hear ya on that one. But gimme a kid who'd rather kung fu his friends than have a stupid badge any ol' day :)

      When I was seven, I ate 19 brussels sprouts in one sitting (and it wasn't even dinner). So now I can't look at their evil tiny leaves without wanting to hurl.

      Oh and MJ IS AWESOME! WE LOVE MJ! MJ MJ MJ! WOO! GIMME AN M, GIMME A J, GIMME A... oh wait that's it...

    3. Yo Jenn, freaky fangirl. Yep, we've got Jason as patsy now. Lucien is free to fly under the radar -- as much as a kid like him can do that, anyway.

      So you have a spirited girl, eh? It always seems to me people say stuff like, "Wow, that girl's going to kick butt when she gets older" about spirited girls, but about spirited boys they say stuff like, "Damn, that kid's obnoxious."

      I saw you left a comment on an old post at the Paris blog. Love that people are still getting something out of that, even though it's "old news."

      Bye, Jenn, give Paris the finger for me, too. Hugs.

    4. Hey, I see you're in there, too, Bec. Helloooooo, Bec! 19 brussels sprouts? Gross.

      And big high five for kids who do things in their own time.


  3. I fell off the chair laughing at the last post and couldn't compose a reply. Have you tried talking French to Coco? Maybe she feels you've abandoned her native language.

    1. Hi Lee. I am going to try French with Coco today, see where that gets us. I don't know German, though, so if that's really what she's doing over there, I got nothing.

      Have a good day, Lee.

  4. Like Jenn, I have been reading your Paris blog. Maybe Paris really is more exciting than Seattle. IDK. ; ) At least you were able to hold a little chat session on your last post. Maybe you could start your own talk show or something.

    Coco is adorable. And maybe it's good that she's quiet. Be careful what you wish for. Good for Lucien! See, the US really is better than that fancy shmancy Paris city. At least when it comes to education.

    Crickets on my blogs last post too. So it goes sometimes *sigh*

    1. Hello, Sweetest Days. There's no doubt at all Paris is more exciting than Seattle! That's an understatement, but hopefully I can still find things to write about around here.

      The comments section is hilarious sometimes. No matter what, I love seeing people in there talking to each other -- love that none of these people even know each other yet we all "know" each other. Love the Interwebs!

      Take care, Sweetest Days, thanks for stopping by.

  5. Here I am, a stranger with a comment! You are hilarious and in such a good way. As someone who is guilty of karate at storytime, I can appreiate your content. Thank you new fave funny blogger.

    1. Hello there, Frances stranger. Welcome and happy to have you around. So you did karate at storytime? Have you grown up to be a happy, well-adjusted adult?

      I'm going to pretend you just said, "You betcha!" Excellent news!

      Take care, and welcome again.

  6. (Well, Debs and Bec, I guess we're busted... No more socializing at MJ's... it was nice while it lasted!;))

    Now now, darling, you know you're our number 1!;)

    Coco IS a delicious name, and it suits her to a T!:)

    "Did she dress herself today?" - people are so meddling and rude, I tell ya! My personal favourite is : Duchesse, you're active and you're a vegetarian. How come you're not thin?! Love it. Real tactful, people.

    Oh God. It breaks my heart to think that Loosh thought of himself as the bad kid because he lives outside the box! You know what they say: you hammer in the nail that sticks out:( Living outside the box is a lot more fun than keeping up with the Jones'. I'm glad he's now in an environment where his uniqueness is embraced! Pint-sized Robin Williams sounds about right:) Love it!

    1. Duchesse, it wouldn't be a comments section without you and Debbie going back and forth about hockey or Paris blogs. It's the way it must always be. Plus I've found some great Paris blogs that way, so.... carry on!

      The Loosh did think of himself as "the bad kid" for a very long time. It's changing now. Now he says he's "the kung fu kid," whatever that means. He is so waaaaay outside the box, that one. We always say we hope he uses his powers for good, not evil, when he grows up.

      Bye, Duchesse, always happy to have you here even though I no longer write about your beloved city! I'm honored you stuck around.

  7. i've got a few things to say, gathering up in my mind throughout the past few posts...i just usually have a kid trying to wrestle another kid behind me somewhere, so i never get them written in time before someone gets smacked down. maybe i'll get back to a few previous ones and leave comments about things. they will be inconsequential, but still....
    anyway, two things here, right off the bat, that i can totally relate to because they JUST happened to me:
    #1 having someone ask if my daughter picked out her clothes, but it was really me. (i told them it was her.) and actually, now that i look at her today, if anyone asks, i'm going to claim it was her again. (it wasn't.)
    #2 wondering when to drink the coffee during the haircut. it just sat there untouched in front of me, and i started to feel bad and unappreciative that i hadn't even tried it yet. so i finally told the guy that, and he let me have some. it wasn't any good by then, but i told him it was, because he asked. also because i'm sure it looked like i loved it since i was trying to drink so much of it so fast.
    and the wrestling has that's all for now...

    1. Hi Rachel. I understand about the wrestling kids. Do I ever.

      Love that you said your daughter dressed herself. I may try that next time, instead of turning red, looking at the ground and whispering, "no."

      Look at all of us having problems drinking salon coffee. The madness must end.

      Bye, Rachel!

  8. oh! and my son is also named finn, and he would gladly do kung fu/wrestle with lucien.

    1. Sweet! When do we get them together? Kung fu all the way.

  9. To understand Coco, I suggest you ask the Loosh what she is saying. It worked when I was baby-sitting my friend's children! I always asked the older kid to be the interpreter. Thank you all MJ and the posse because I learn a lot of new english/american words/slang. The trouble is it takes so much time to look up in the dictionnary the words I don't understand (I am from Belgium/ it's a disease that I cure with a lot of our heavenly chocolate). Also there is a trouble when I "select a profile" to comment. I don't want to be called "Anonymous". I pretend to be "lapommeduverger". I'll try again.

    1. Hello lapommeduverger,

      It's true -- Lucien seems to understand Coco much better than we do. It's not always helpful, because then he just speaks for her and she doesn't even have to try.

      Happy to have you here from Belgium. Being Belgian is hardly a disease. You guys have the most delicious beer. Mmmmmmm.

      I know Blogger makes it awkward to comment sometimes. I appreciate the effort, all!

  10. Love Coco, Loosh and the blog - keep it coming MJ we all love what we read and we know writings not always easy/funny. xxx

  11. Never fear..I and my posse of Vegassonians I turned on to you are still following faithfully, but for me, since I do not speak for those life has taken a dastardly turn of angst and confusion and hey girl I am mega dozens ahead of comments on your blog compared to yours on mine anyhoot I figure you owe me a good meal or a couple good cosmos anyway <3
    Keep em coming girl

    1. Oooh, old grey mare, you got me with the "mega dozens ahead" regarding comments I've left on your blog. I am guilty! GUILTY! I supposed I can't be looking for comments when I'm the worst commenter ever. Wow I suck.

      I'd be happy, overjoyed to buy you a cosmo. Where you live again? Can I fed-ex those suckers?

      Bye, Oldgreymare. You are great.

  12. Sorry for not keeping in touch! The Mr. and I are keeping up with all your goings on and loving every minute of it. Except of course the minutes that suck for you. If we loved those things we wouldn't deserve to be in your posse.

    And by the way, Coco could indeed be speaking German. Would you know it if she was? She's very cosmopolitan that one.

    Just thought you'd like to know I got yelled at by the checkout "Customer Service" lady at ToysRUs yesterday. She was very frustrated that I couldn't understand her spiel about some sort of frequent flyer card. When I told her I didn't want one she yelled at me that I was a stupid American. God I love this country! The bonus? My French is getting good enough that I'm beginning to understand the insults people hurl at me! Yea!

    I need to buy a scarf with skulls on it.

    Keep the posts coming!

    StayingPositive (but coming close to slightly homicidal)

    1. The Staying Positives! Hello and no worries, I am so happy to hear from you whenever you get a free second. All the illness past your family by now, I hope?

      Hang in there regarding the ToysRUs ladies of the world. There will be insults hurled at your, and you will survive them all.

      I worse my scarf with skulls on it the other day and I felt like a badass, BADASS. Highly recommend it.

      OK, so enjoy Paris, and don't kill anybody! Hello to Mr. Staying Positive!

  13. I've been lurking silently for the past month or so, but am always delighted to see your updates. I've just recently moved to Paris (well, the Western suburbs) with husband and two young kids, so have also been poring over the American Mom blog. So much is all too familiar (vomit in the cracks of the parquet floor, 3-hour laundry cycles, a mystifying walletful of centimes, etc).

    Just a broad observation--I know you've noted that your blog posts now are a bit more mundane, and maybe that is true, but you also sound more relaxed than in Paris and very happy. Being in a constantly semi-stressed out state here myself (only understanding about 40 percent of what is going on around me, having disapproving looks cast at my kids, etc) I can totally relate. And much as I am enjoying the opportunity to be in France for the next couple years, your Seattle blog makes me realize how nice it will be to be back in the U.S.

    Anyway, you're awesome--love the blog! I've also adopted assorted toasts as a weekend tradition.

    1. Hello, silent lurker Sunny D. I'm happy to have you around and out of the shadows. You, too, are getting something out of the old posts on the Paris blog. That makes me ridiculously happy. Guess life hasn't changed much for newbies in Paris these past few years!

      True, life is more "normal" in Seattle, and "less exciting" goes along with that, but it's also true I'm happier here. Seattle is a city I've loved since I first visited years and years ago on a family vacation. It's just my place. Some people "fit" in Paris -- I fit here.

      Makes for less interesting stories, perhaps, but I still hope to make something out of this blog.

      So yes, enjoy the hell out of Paris. We loved the experience, and it made us bolder, braver people back at home. There's nothing about it we would change, and will love Paris forever. But going home -- not the traumatic event many others have made it out to be, at least not for us.

      Assorted Toast! Huzzah!

  14. "What used to be a tight-lipped, sullen kid after school, a boy who used to regularly say things like, "I'm the bad kid," has turned into a smiling, happy kid who tells me about his day when he gets off the bus. And now he says things like, "I'm not the bad kid anymore! Jason is!""


    What wonderful words to read. :)

    I'm sorry on that last post -- I am seriously going to go read it next. It hit during busy babysitting week as opposed to calm babysitting week, which is this next week. They go in waves and when they are busy, it's too hard to read too many blogs. I'll go over there in a sec. See what's goin' on with those ladies and all.

    "What is it with these kids of mine, who have both refused to do anything the way they were supposed to, in the timeframe in which they were supposed to do it?"

    They are wonderful kids, and who said there were any "supposed to's" in the scheme of things, eh? ;-) Methinks maybe you spent too much time in France and it warped your brain, hahaha!! You fell for the "ALL KIDS MUST BE THE SAAAAAAME" rhetoric that prevails amongst many here. I mean, you know, not to be knocking or singling out the French. No one truly wants to be the nail sticking up to be hammered down, and we all want to have that feeling of acceptance and belonging. But I think that kids who do things in their own way in their own time are not going to be sheep to be herded when they grow up, so more power to them. Fly your freak flags, kiddos!! Nanny Karin says so!!!!!

    Okay /rant, as my son just typed to me in FB. He's also one that refuses to capitulate to normalcy, and I think he's pretty cool.

    "crispy fried Brussels sprouts with maple and rosemary"

    I just had a foodgasm, really!! Crispy fried Brussels sprouts are a secret I discovered in my food journeys, and they ROCK, no??

    Golly Coco is looking cute up there! :D Whoever dressed her did a good job, lol.

    Keep the moxie strong in Sea-Town there, MJ.

    Gros bisous!

    1. Karin! I'm always so, so happy to see you on here. I miss the good people in Paris, seriously. Makes my heart ache -- not so much missing the city, but the PEOPLE? You guys are all awesome.

      I knew you would be happy to hear about the Loosh's happiness. It's a better fit here, as we suspected. He's still nuts, but they can deal with it better. So Nanny Karin says fly your freak flag, Loosh and Cokes, and you must obey!

      When you come visit in Seattle, we shall eat crispy fried Brussels sprouts together. Dare to dream.

      Bisous, bisous, bisous, Karin. Kisses from the kids, too!

  15. Is silent no more, you've dragged a comment out of me... I've been reading your blogs for a year now, started before I took a trip to Paris with my teenagers, and have enjoyed every post... even looked back in blog history to catch up on a few threads. I love how you can put comments and *curses* out there that I'm not brave enough to say outloud but you do so smoothly that it totally !outloud! cracks me up. Sometimes I have to read sections to my boys (love the taco truck, totally relate) so now we all feel part of you circle of friends and family.
    You're a great blogger, I wouldn't spend the time if I didn't think so, look forward to the emails saying there is a post waiting for me to take a break from my too busy life to see what is funny or odd going on in yours. Keep it up the fantastic observations, wish I could do what you do... ~~~ going back on mute now ~~~

    1. Silent Sue! Look at you! Welcome to the blog family, and thanks for your compliments. Very, very nice of you to say all that stuff. And from a fellow taco truck lover? Even better.

      Don't go back on mute! We need you here, Sue, WE NEED YOU.

  16. Hi MJ and all of Posse,
    I'm new in these here parts. I can only hope
    this community isn't the type that frowns on
    outsiders nor is inclined to beat the hell
    out of them.

    I want to go do Paris someday so have randomly
    been checking paris blogs and had the great
    good fortune to come across yours. I read
    much of your archived paris blogs. Blog
    stalkers are mentioned once in a while. Does
    that make me a stalker? I have no intention
    of visiting you - unless you are willing to
    sign a contract promising to support me the
    rest of my life.

    The first 2 pictures have compelled me to
    write. One comment and one question.

    comment - picture of Coco Bean.
    Firstly, what we have here is cuteness and
    sweetness oozing out all over the place.
    Secondly, even though not exactly color
    coordinated, the outfit she's wearing works.
    Kind of a blend of a christmas tree and a bag
    lady. Thirdly the boots are awesome. Like
    some top of the line pareee model strutting
    down the catwalk. You folks must be rich to
    buy hoofers like that which will be grown out
    of shortly.

    question - picture of ? with pole in its lower
    I can't understand why no one has mentioned
    this (Are my powers of perception that vast?)
    What in the hell is that 1st picture of. The
    macabre like scarecrow thingee. Is this one of
    Dali's works that you smuggled out of France.
    And is that a cricket or grasshopper on its
    I don't mean boss you around but please explain.

    1. Bill! Well hello there. Of course we don't frown upon outsiders, unless those outsiders are mean, and you don't appear to be mean, so you are welcome here. Yee-haw, Bill!

      Thanks for the compliment on "Coco Bean," and why aren't I calling her that? Christmas tree and bag lady? Bill, you flatter me. I'm proud to say those boots were on sale at Kohls for $29.99, so not so rich -- just a good eye for sequined things.

      That lower picture is a scarecrow, believe it or now, discovered in the community garden next to Documentary Dad's house. Creepy, no? It's fantastic in its awfulness, and I'm pleased you noticed.

      Welcome, Bill. You seem to have a little 'tude to you, hope you stick around and share it with us often.


    2. Thank you for the warm reception.
      I feel like I've just joined a motorcycle gang.

  17. Have you been to eat at Poppy? So yummy! And also on the Hill, and also possessed of weird-sound food combos. :)

    1. Poppy? Not yet. Cavanaugh, CALL ME ASAP.

    2. Poppy is good, and they serve you a plate with like 9 things on it, so you're almost guaranteed to try something that you don't want to eat (and then realize it's good).

    3. Poppy! nomnomnomnom. Sit at the bar. The drinks are the best.
      Also, What the heck is that food picture? It looks like a very stiff filet of salmon. Did you break off pieces and chew on them?

    4. Chris! Shesa! Look at all these people in here, what the heck is going on?

      Guess I'll try this "Poppy" everyone's talking about. And Shesa, the long weird-looking thing is actually a handmade cracker. It was served with the pork rillette. As Cavanaugh put it, "You break the cracker, dip it in that, spoon some of that crap on top of it, eat a beet." Complicated but good.

      Bye, Chris and Shesa. Look at all these commenters! Imma lose my mind! Lovin' it.

  18. Go Lucien!! Lucien wasn't the problem it was those stuffy schools in Paris that don't know how to appreciate a kid with spunk.

    As for Miss Coco, she is rockin that outfit! Could be she's speaking her own version of Frenenglish, you just need to learn it.

    1. Tara, hello! I think saying Lucien wasn't "appreciated" in his French school is an understatement. It's a good fit for many; it was not a good fit for him. Again, understatement.

      I have no idea what coco is speaking. There's something off with that one.

      Bye, Tara, thanks for saying hello!

  19. We all love your blog, MJ! Like many, I started reading because it was about Paris, but now I love the story you tell, you are a very talented writer.
    I still remember my friend's 6 year old daughter translating my 2-3 year old for me, great advice to try that. She's talking, and she sure is letting you know what she thinks, isn't she?
    It's so great Lucien is happier, he is so full of life and you should all get to enjoy that!
    btw, I loved the last post, just too rushed to respond.

    1. Thanks, Lou! That's very kind. What is it with kids understanding other kids? Does Lucien speak German? -- because yep, for some reason, he "gets" her better than we do.

      I so appreciated people on this blog supporting the Loosh. It's not always easy to have a loud kid on your hands, but knowing that others think he's OK the way he is help me immensely. Should probably start a support group or something.

      Thanks for saying hi, Lou, good day to you.

  20. what is that crazy scarecrow, anyway? More art and looniness in the central district?

    1. That crazy scarecrow is art and looniness in Mount Baker, which is awfully close to the C.D. This stuff's all over the place in Seattle, crazy weird art-loving hippies.

  21. Followed you back when you where American Mom in Paris and still following now that you have returned to the States (Seattle - my home town - jealous!). I'm only one year into my 3 year sentence (!) here.... but you never cease to put a smile on face and give me inspiration that we will escape Paris safely ;-) Thanks!

    1. Hi Marieanne! Seattle's your hometown? Whoot whoot for that.

      Paris is a good, good place. Only the ex-pats who have struggled to live there can relate to the "sentence" part of your comment. It's hard living sometimes, but ENJOY that city. She's a beauty. And yes, you'll be fine (and better for it) when it comes time to leave. We'll always have Paris, thank God!

      Bye, Marieanne, and by all commenters. Sorry I kind of badgered you into it, but I appreciate knowing you're there!

  22. I didn't post a comment because my last ones didn't show up for some reason. Also, because I'm very jealous of your taco truck. There are still not taco trucks in France. Dammit.

    1. It's true, Blogger can make it tough to comment sometimes, but I appreciate your tenacity. And I meant to ask when you left an earlier comment, but, DaVicious, is that really you? What's "Elle Casey" all about? I know your real name so... is this your new nom de plume?

      Whatever it is, I'm happy you're still on board. And you're still loving the South of France. Sorry about the taco truck thing, but you sure do have fantastic pastry so I'm jealous, too.

    2. Another silent reader here. I anxiously await every post. Paris, Seattle, it doesn't matter.

    3. Thanks, Anon. I appreciate it!

  23. 47 comments...are you shitting me?...who are these people?....

    Good post glad the Loosh is having a good time in school...takes a load of your mind

    And I don't see anything strange about Mme Cokes outfit...very Carrie bradshaw.....

    Cheers......and hi Duchesse

    1. Debbie, I guilted people into coming out of the woodwork! But seriously, you should still feel free to bash Duchesse's hockey team. It's not a comments section anymore without a little Canadian trash talk.

    2. Now that's the spirit!;)

      And we Canucks sure know how to trash talk;) Maple Laughs here, Senators there... woot woot woot!;)

      Hey Debs:)

  24. MJ, You rock! I read no other blog.

  25. Hi there,

    I just wanted to take a second and tell you how much I enjoy your posts. I started reading your blog when you were American Mom, and I enjoy Seattle Moxie, possibly more. I'm facing a move to Washington State. My husband is completely determined to go, despite the persuasiveness of my acerbic comments. Your posts keep me laughing and fooling myself into believing I will survive having my entire life torn apart like a pit bull with a feather pillow.

    So, keep posting please!

    1. Hi Annie. Thanks for saying hello! I know the "my life is over because you're making me move" feeling all too well. Truth is, it doesn't happen that way, but the transition can be a real bitch. You're gonna be OK -- is the move to Seattle or somewhere else? If it's here, I'll take you out for a delicious coffee when you arrive.

      Love the pit bull with a feather pillow imagery. Very effective.
      Good luck!

    2. Thanks. I may repeat your comment as a mantra for a while. That will be me, babbling in the corner to myself.

      The image came a little too easily. :)

      The move will be to a piece of land with the perfect commute time to downtown Seattle of 30 to 45 minutes. Where the hell that is, we have no idea at this point. And apparently three to four realtors spaced in various counties around Seattle don't either.

      I'll keep the coffee in mind.

  26. Oui! J'ai écrit et publié deux romans récemment. Vive la Kindle!
    Elle :)

    1. Wow! Felicitations, DaV!

    2. Merci! I'm waiting to see your book up there on Amazon. When are you going to put your American Mom in Paris posts into book format so I can buy it and sit in my bed laughing my ass off all over again? (I've read them all, but would happily read them again and again. You are that awesome of a writer.)

      I'll bet I'm not the only one who would buy...

    3. I would too! And I've been saying it for a few years now!:)

  27. I totally enjoyed your last post -- sorry I didn't comment. I have a 4- and 6.5-year old and I don't always get the luxury of commenting -- on anything.

    You asked: "is it a good thing when someone asks you, "Awww, did she dress herself today?" but you dressed her?"

    It really isn't a good thing but these days when that kind of thing happens to me I really don't give a hoot. I've totally lost my will to try to dress my girls. When I do try, nine times out of ten they still manage to muck it all up and end up looking like a homeless person. Same with their hair. I spend ten minutes brushing out the knots and styling it and then BAM! seconds later it's a rats nest again. I give up!

    1. Joni! Oh man, I never, ever truly expect comments. They're great, as any blogger knows, but truth is I'm going to write this stuff whether or not anyone reads it. So I was so NOT trying to guilt people into commenting, just wondering how badly my last post sucked was all....

      But no worries, you comment, you don't comment, we still love ya around here.

      I like your "aw screw it" approach when dressing your kids. I use that one often myself.

      Thanks, Joni, and have a good day!

  28. Paris is Paris, but Seattle is also another culture for those of us who have not lived/been there. Keep on writing, MJ, you're a culture guru and your sense of humor is a breath of fresh air! (P.S.:
    your last post did not suck)

    Patricia H

    1. Thank you, Patricia H. Culture guru? You may be overselling it a bit there but I appreciate it nonetheless! Good to see you around, Patricia.

  29. Love Coco outfit! Okay the kids just ran in yelling "Mommy daddy got us chocolate!" I guess that ends my comments.

  30. C Rouse! Go tend to the insanity. We'll be here later.

  31. Oh MJ I too read every post of yours and have for a long time but rarely comment. However, if there is danger of your ever quitting your blog I promise to make sure you know I am out here reading and caring about your family. Lucien and Coco are such classics and what a funny, tender, crazy, and loving mama you are. Kathy

    1. Hi Kathy. There is little to no danger of my quitting the blog. But I believe there is some danger of eventually not having many readers. Seattle isn't the constant circus that Paris was, that's for sure.

      But no, even with no readers, I would probably still be writing this stuff. Can't stop this train.

      Thanks for saying hi, Kathy, take care.

  32. Glad to see the posse has stepped up to share the love - I read religiously just don't always comment now that I read it on my phone. Will do better. Keep going, you're awesome! And love Ms. Cokes' outfit.

    1. I know, can you believe this? Look at all these people showing up for the party! Who knew I even knew this many people? So cool.

      Luxembourger -- how you doing with your own transition home? You came home quite awhile ago as I remember -- has it been a year yet? Thanks for the Coco outfit appreciation. I thought it was pretty cute, anyway....

      Thank you, and bye, L!

    2. It's been 16.5 months since I left the took me about a year to miss it but now I'm in full-on Europe withdrawal. It was a rough transition to life in the homeland again, mostly because of work, but I was immediately (and remain) grateful for the ease of life in English. I was decent a la Francaise by the time I left but working and speaking in English all day didn't really give me the chance to become fluent (I'm so proud of you for acheiving (achieving? never get that one right)). I digress...I'm fully an American again, just now get a little weepy when I see Rick Steves on TV. And there was a Househunters International on the other day about a couple buying a place in Beaune. I sniffled and had to record the rest until I can prepare myself mentally for the wisfulness that will undoubtably ensue. We're moving again and I'm on the search for my own goddamn house, so that helps keep me preoccupied. Glad to hear the Loosh is happier at school! The world is a better place with a happy Lucien.

  33. I have no excuse for not commenting on your last post. I read it, laughed like a doofus, and then tiddled off to harass my cat Luna because she's just so darn stoopid!adorable when she's upset and glaring at me like all cats do.

    That pic of Coco makes me think of that old Cindy Lauper vid, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun", especially that bit with all the ladies tramping down the street.

    It makes me happy to hear that the Loosh is now a happy camper at school!

    1. Mrs. Howard. Cat harassment should always take priority over blog commenting, so kudos to you.

      Cindy Lauper -- nice call. I loved that video as a kid, perhaps channeling some happy memories from the 80s to my daughter?

      Loosh is much happier. He's still a pain in the neck, but he's happier. Yeah!

      Bye, Mrs. H. Go get that stooopid cat.

  34. You might not miss Paris, but I miss YOU writing about Paris.

    I know I know....