Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gosh I'm having fun in Colorado.

I'm spending a lot of time communing with nature.  I sure did miss nature.  There was no nature in Paris unless you counted the rodents and the nasty-ass pigeons and the wild poo piles dotting the sidewalks.  

I especially love to dangle in nature

but sometimes being in nature is hard work 

Our Christmas was a smashing success.  Here are two of my early-on favorite moments --

1.) Meeting my Texas sister at baggage claim.

I hadn't seen her since our meet-up in Rome, where we hung out with Italian Wine Guy and learned the fine art (a.k.a. insane free-for-all) of Italian driving and parking.  Ugh, that memory just made me miss Europe so now I have to crawl into a corner and gently rock myself back and forth.

and 2.) Meeting my Al at baggage claim.  Can't get enough baggage claim!

The picture is blurry because I was in a hurry to throw myself at his manliness.  I hadn't seen him in eight days and was pleasantly surprised to discover I still miss him when he's not around.  So weird!

Our Christmas together proved something I've always suspected about our family; something is way off with the womenfolk--

no idea

That's me and my Aunt Wyoming and a mean-spirited little T-Rex on a stick we called 
"Mr. T."

Mr. T. said Texas sister was hungry

Someone explain to me how the hell she is doing that

Thankfully, the family menfolk are their usual level-headed selves and are keeping us grounded --

My sister and aunts and cousins have left but my in-laws have just arrived.  It's a non-stop revolving door of fun and excitement in Colorado.

more nature, but with less tree dangling

We'll be back home in Seattle this weekend.  Then I'll be free to blog and obsess about getting the goddamn house because we're homeless as of February 1st when we get kicked out of our temporary housing.  2012 is starting off so exciting!

Mr. T says "YOU  HUNGRY NOW,"


  1. Merry New Year! Still too soon? Damn, hurry up 2012.

    Skull scarf!

    Aww, your family is so cute. Dang, Colorado is beautiful (Dang is my imaginary friend upon whom I force my opinions).

    Happy trails!

  2. How DOES Coco do that?!:)

    And thank you for blogging on my birthday, I feel honoured;)

    What scenery, my God! What a contrast with Paris! By the way, I came back on the 27th. We had a great time (13 degrees on Christmas Day) but what a friggin' rip off that Christmas Light Tour! I totally understand the Loosh now! I too wanted off the damn bus on the Champs-Élysées! I saw more Christmas lights on bus 42 from Gare du Nord and it only cost me 1,25 euros! (And it went down the Champs and the avenue Montaigne!)

    So you will be celebrating New Year's Day in Seattle then? We're staying put in The Hague. Want to see the demented folks who will go for that New Year's Day dive in the North Sea (about 200 m from our house) - I won't be one of them! (Even though I liked to go skinny dipping in Lake Saimaa (Finland) in the dead of winter - in between stints in the sauna, of course!):)

    Anyway, I hope you finally get that house (What's taking so long?!). But when you do, won't it be a while before you can move in? Surely you'll have some work to do before you can call it home? Or is it just a giant paint job?

  3. I love that your family takes the sting out of not-Europe. Mine just wanted to look at photos and encourage me to miss it all the more.

    Looking forward to the Seattle adventures - my knowledge is mostly formed by movies, of which you've really got Sleepless in Seattle and Twilight for reference. This pleases me.

  4. Maybe it's time to have a back up plan for your house. Am thinking Feb 1 is coming pretty fast.

  5. You have been in Paris too long ...sleds don't work on grass...ahem

    Nice to see your family is as crazy as mine...snow finally got here...just in time for new year...then it can take a hike

    Coco ....she just can't decide which way to go or her cute

    Happy new year to all...

    Ps. Happy birthday Duch!

  6. Well hi there!

    Bec, love the "dang" thing. May have to use it. You are a clever, clever girl, you clever, clever girl. Family is indeed cute, Colorado indeed beautiful. Quite happy and content to be here!

    Duchesse, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I knew it! Love that you did the Christmas Light Tour. It sucked. Sorry you had to experience that suckage.

    We'll be in Seattle for New Years Eve but not sure we're going to do much of anything. This visit has been full of the giggles but my GOD, I'm tired. Activity! Visiting! Talk to me, MJ! Gah!

    The house is a saga -- the major holdup is the three liens that had to be cleared off title. First lien was the doozy but it seems to be cleared up. We need the ex-wife to sign something for the other two liens, which she has refused to do. The fun never stops, Duchesse, NEVER STOPS! And yep, will need several more months of renovation whenever we get it. Could technically live in it, but smarter to find a rental somewhere. Easier said than done -- a whole saga unto itself.


    Jenn! The family has made not being in Europe virtually sting-free. It's the most important reason for being back here --I'll actually see them again! Better. They don't really need to see pictures, either, since they've all read the blog, so we're just moving upwards and onwards.

    Marie.... we have about one hundred plan Bs. Unfortunately they all suck. We want that house and will most likely experience much, much pain in the next many months because of it. Ima go crazy!

    Debbie, here's to crazy families. They make the world go 'round.

    I don't understand how to make the sled go, Deb. Why won't sled go, Deb???

    Bye, all. Be safe out there, people.

  7. I'll swap you a Dang for a Bonjello

    Bonnew Year!

  8. Thank you Debs! And thank you Mindy!:)