Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year, Charles Ingalls

Happy New Year, fledgling little Seattle blog of mine.  We may not be as big and fancy as we were in Paris, but dammit, we've got heart and I like you.

We left my devastated, sobbing and wailing family in Colorado and returned to Seattle on New Years Eve.  I was sad to leave my family, of course, but my sadness was compounded knowing how sad my parents were to return to a too-quiet house.  Sometimes I wish I didn't love my family so much so their darn feelings would stop oozing into mine.

The flight home went very well for me but not so well for Alex.  We were split two and two -- me and Loosh in row 7 and Al and Ms. Cokes back in row 20.  Even with that kind of distance between us, I could hear Coco's outrage at the injustice of the seatbelt and the restrictions it imposed on her freedom.  She let everyone know within earshot (which was everyone) she thought seatbelts were bullsh*t.

 Hello again, beautiful

Sapped of all energy and interest in celebration, we were content to go to bed early and scrap the New Years thing.  Thankfully we changed our minds and invited a couple friends over -- Seattle Mom and Seattle Dad, of course -- to help us consume wine and watch the fireworks at the Space Needle. 

As always happens, our exhausted lifeless selves were transformed into semi-alive and semi-fun people again in the presence of friends.  I was pretty annoyed by Seattle Dad, though, because every time anyone said anything, he turned to me and said, "Now THAT'S blog-worthy."  He doesn't realize only I can make such grave decisions.

It was a small get-together but it otherwise played out like any other New Years Eve party.  Al and Seattle Mom spent some time on the floor stretching and then Seattle Dad described at great length an episode of Little House on the Prairie he recently watched that made him cry (the one where the Irish guy dies?)  Then Seattle Dad tried to do some push-ups with his feet on the wall but instead fell down and hurt himself while I consumed mass quantities of Nacho Cheese Doritos, blocking the bag from the reach of others with my whole body.  I know, I know -- we can really party.

It was entertaining to watch the constant stream of people down on the sidewalk as they headed for the Space Needle.  They were in various forms of dress.  Many women showed a ton of leg and teetered on heels they obviously weren't used to wearing.  Several men dressed as bunny rabbits, and behind them a few others dressed as panda bears (Ahh, Seattle). 

The fireworks were joyful even if at one point Alex described them as "watching the Space Needle ejaculate."

 He may have a sexy point

We are going to be homeless at the end of January because we still don't have the goddamn house (long story involving liens and disappearing ex-wives) and our two months of paid temporary housing will be over.  We are currently looking for an apartment to rent in the same neighborhood as the goddamn house so we can get Lucien enrolled in the neighborhood school while waiting to close on, then renovate, a house we may not even get.

You may think our life sounds like a chaotic mess and you are correct.  Thankfully, we decided long ago we prefer chaos to boredom so that is how we are justifying these most recent life decisions.

Let's do it, Al.  Let's do yet another thing that's not easy, like not even a little bit.

I went to look at one apartment option today.  I hated it.  It's a charmless shabby ugly beige boxy thing but it's in the right neighborhood and isn't too outrageously expensive.   If we take it, we will spend the next six months eating our dinners at a card table on folding lawn chairs because we gave most of our furniture away in Paris.  We will not have a couch, either, so will tussle over one red leather armchair whenever we want to sit down.  Jesus Lord what the hell are we doing.

The best part of the apartment was the property manager.  After showing me the apartment we stood around and chatted for an hour.  He's a glassblower/former lawyer/playwright/former small business owner/property manager.  He also recently started bagging groceries at the local grocery store because he felt he was spending too much time isolated at home sitting in front of his computer.  I shuffled uncomfortably for a few minutes then ran to the nearest Safeway to fill out an application before I forget how to interact with "the people."  

Happy 2012, smaller yet more intimate Seattle blog posse.  It's gonna be a good year, I just know it, unless we end up living in our car,

And goodbye, Colorado.  Thanks for the warm welcome home and the continued validation we're in the right country. 


  1. I had to tell you that I know the exact episode of Little House that Seattle Dad is referring to, and I love that it came up during your New Year's celebration. That's fabulous. Is it a little scary that you attract people with these obscure things in common?

    Here's hoping things finally resolve in your favor for the goddamn house!! We're all pulling for you. Happy New Year!

  2. You know your life sounds like a chaotic mess...but never ever boring

    Happy new year to you and all of the posse...

    It must seem a long way from rue dauphine....and that Seattle needle is fine but it's no CN tower ...just saying

    And great picture of you and your big Canuck!

  3. Hi Jenni -- I was wondering if anyone else knew the episode because Alex remembered it right away, too. I, however, did not. I hear it was pretty sad.

    Happy New Year to you!

  4. I don't remember that episode of Little House. I only watched the episodes that featured Nasty Nellie Olsen.

    Nothing but good effin' New Year's vibes to you and your own!

  5. It really does look like ejaculate. Who wouldn't dress up in their brand new hooker heels for that?

  6. Hopefully, you can stalk the Goddamn House from your beige box and scare other potential interested parties away from it! Happy New Year!

  7. Debbie! Here's to no boredom in 2012. We are far, far away from rue Dauphine. I can't believe we were there just a month or so ago -- already feels like such a long, long time.

    CN Tower huzzah!

    Mrs. Howard, wasn't Nellie just the worst. God I hated her, wanted to pull on those damn blond curls 'til she screamed for mercy. I was a strange child.

    HA Jenn. Sexy Seattle New Years.

    Sulky Kitten, if anyone ever tried to take that house from under us, mama would open her can of whoopass. Ain't gonna happen, suckers, we've worked too hard on this damn thing.

    Bye now, and Happy New Year again, hope everyone's recovered nicely from their Dorito hangovers.

  8. Happy New Year to you and yours, I may be a day late but it's heartfelt all the same.

    Think about it, the little beige square place may not be so bad. The property manager sounds pretty entertaining and may provide you with lots of blogable stuff if you ever experience a quiet uneventful that will happen!
    Happy 2012!

  9. Hi Tara! you know, even if we don't choose the shabby beige box, I think I'm gonna make that property manager my BFF. We got along, as my Irish friend used to say, "like a house on fire." Always seemed like a bad thing to me but he claims it means something really good.

    There are interesting, weird people all over the world. As long as I keep meeting them, I should have enough to blog about.

    Happy New Year to you, too! Keep on keepin' on, Tara!

  10. What's New Year's in Seattle without bunnies and pandas and objects squirting things into the air, right?

    Here's hoping you get the Goddamn House soon!

  11. Hippy New Yeahs!

    I hope you guys took a moment to yell a hearty "Enjoy your trek to the Needle while we watch the awesome view from the warmth of our apartment in our underwear, SUCKAS!"

    MJ, only you could go look at a potential apartment and return an hour later knowing that the property manager was a glassblower :D

    And seriously? Dang you guys are a cute couple (he concurs).

  12. School: Before signing any lease, triple check that you're in the boundary of l'ecole preferee. Then camp out like we used to for concert tickets on the school steps on enrollment day so you're first in line. Getting the progeny in the neighborhood school of choice is serious merde these days. Flash the Paris coat if it comes down to that. Good Jello to you and yours in 2012!

  13. Amen, ADoC. I am basking in the strangeness of Seattle. Men in skirts, men as rabbits, men as panda bears -- hey....why is it always the men being so damn strange? Get out there, ladies.

    Thanks for the house well wishes. It must be soon. This is beyond ridiculous but we're staying the course cuz we kinda dim.

    Bec! Just sent you an email. I love getting out and meeting the people, particularly the interesting ones. I don't want to know the perfect ones. I always say I like my people a little rough around the edges. Thanks for thinking we're cute. Sometimes we are but sometimes we look old and tired, really depends on the day.

    Anonymous, I have the school boundary lines forever imprinted on my brain, not to mention the Seattle Public Schools address look-up tool bookmarked on my laptop. I can't tell you how many perfect apartments fell just outside the zone and OH, how I CURSED.

    We're all cushy smack in the middle with our current choices. SPS tells me every kid in the neighborhood has a right to attend the school, even if the school is "full." This best be true. I'll bring along the Paris coat and give 'em the ole razzle-dazzle if something goes wrong -- good idea.

    Bye all. Bonjello to you.

  14. MJ
    I know that this is gonna fall on deaf ears but word from the been there done that (4 times) instead of renovate FIND ANOTHER HOUSE! Renovation is hell on everyone involved. After the last renovation 7 years ago (and my final one caz as I told my hubby I am going to be buried in the f**king backyard of this house when I die). Given that the kids are now 8 and 18 & it has been 7 years I am finally looking at the completion of the decorating of the interior just in time to start an EXPANSION of the original house. Its just not worth it but then I doubt you will get that as I didn't and notice I mentioned an expansion. Yes I still want to expand the footprint of the original 1710 sq foot house out the back to include a 2 story expansion which will include a master suite, an art studio for me and a separate dining room off the wonder kitchen (created by the original reno 7 years ago).
    Life is short and the kids are only young once so house be damned, play with the kids, enjoy life and keep your eyes open for a place that is already renovated in the neighborhood :-) Good Luck!

  15. Academic Mom! Yep! Deaf ears! Even worse, Al and I have also been there/done that. Last house was a fixer, former crack house with leaks and mold issues, did most of it ourselves. It was a ... special..... experience, swore we'd never do it again. Yet here we are. Will we never learn?

    Thankfully this house "just" needs a new kitchen, bathroom moved, new windows, doors moved... piece of cake, right? Right?

  16. Crap. Now you've got me mentally replaying every episode of Little House in my head until I can come up with WHICH episode and WHICH Irish guy because I'm sure there had to be more than one. And doesn't every episode make us cry (unless Nellie is getting punched in the face by someone)?

    Renovation will be hell but you'll probably be glad you did it in the end. If you're still speaking to each other, of course. Bon courage et bonne année!

  17. Mr T. says: Happy New Year!:)

    And so does the Duchesse:)

  18. small and intimate for now...but just wait, like the other one it will grow-you're like this great little place to come and visit- have some laughs- grab some coffee-enjoy one's self for a few moments-you hope no one else finds your special place but dang if people don't and before you know it 60 followers becomes 160 followers- surely as i have said before i will be one of the people saying ... AND TO THINK I KNEW HER WHEN SHE WAS SMALL- HAPPY NEW YEAR the U S OF A is lucky to have you- THAT'S FOR SURE!! talent like yours doesn't come along that often-good luck with the apt hunting!

  19. I loved AAMIP and I'm feeling the love coming on for Seattle Moxie. Since you don't have a bezillion followers yet, you're eligible for the Liebster Blog Award, which I am herein bestowing on you, should you choose to accept.

    There are award instructions back at my blog, Traveling Sardine Class, Lee

  20. I read all of the Little House on the Prairie books but never saw an episode on TV. I am only now realizing how weird I am, am I the only person that never saw it?

    Continuing to send you good luck vibes with the house situation. And if it does work out I will double up on those vibes for the renovation. We are three years into a 6 month project on the house we live in. We keep saying we will never tackle projects like this again but basically we are liars. We wouldn't change our chaos but it isn't always fun with a 2 and 3 year old in the house!

    Keep blogging, it gives me yet another excuse to put down my paint brush and take a break to read your blog! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  21. Happy New Year, never boring MJ. In honor of fun blogging to a smaller crowd, I'm awarding you the Liebster Blog Award for bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers. If you'd like to accept the award, you can find instructions back at my blog,

  22. Lisa, it was the episode where the powder monkey Irish guy got blown up? They were building something...what was it, what was it, didn't pay close enough attention.... a railroad? a mine? Something else you have to blow stuff up to build?

    Duchesse! Mr. T gives you big kisses. And says Happy New Year, in his own way.

    g, those were very nice things to say. Thank you so much, means a lot to hear (read) them. I sure hope I can keep blogging now that life is less interesting in the U.S.of A.

    Lee! I appreciate the award (hey, from MommaExpat, too!) I've never been sure how to feature them on the blog, but I appreciate them all the same. I'm a teeny-tiny blog now!

    Macsmail, you should probably go get Little House on Netflix or something. I was never a big fan yet I could still never avoid them, felt like they were on all the dang time. Yikes...good luck with the renovations. Sounds like NONE of us will ever learn.

    MommaExpat! How's Paris? Give her a big kiss for me. Thanks for the award. I'm still not sure what to do with them on the blog. Hey everyone, go check out Momma Expat's blog!

    OK, bye, gotta go pack my very first school lunch for the boy. No four-course meals in schools around here!

  23. So I feel totally like a heel, as I sit in front of my computer reading YOUR blog and eating ice cream. So much for losing weight this year.

    Honestly, I know it's weird, but I wish I could hug you right now, because I am SO glad to be reading you again. Bad thing about the internet; makes you think people you read about are your friends, sort of like reading People magazine makes you feel like celebrities are your friends.

    So, "friend", I am planning a cruise to Alaska and we will fly ti Seattle first. I am thinking of going a little early and exploring the city for two days with my husband and 12 and 14 year old girls. No hurry, it's not until June, but if you find yourself with plenty to do and not much to procrastinate with, hope about suggesting the BEST things to see in your city...besides the graffiti in the house you may not even get. HA! I totally crack myself up!

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